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Types of Recycled Materials

There are many types of recycled materials. They range from the brightly colored plastic bottles that we usually find at the store, to the lovely wooden furniture that is made in sustainable wood products.

Plastic bottles are made from petroleum byproducts. The plastics may be obtained from refineries. They may come from oil spills or damage caused by the use of cheap petroleum products.

Refineries are basically composed of cast offs of petroleum products that are no longer needed and which can be recycled to create plastics. Wood may be obtained from railroad cars. This is a form of natural tree seed that is allowed to decompose. It can be used as raw material to produce wood products.

Garden pottery may be the result of sloping lands, destroying slopes, or environmental events that make it impossible to continue using pottery to produce pottery. Wooden benches and other garden accessories may be reclaimed from old pieces of furnishings that were discarded. The term that describes these is reclaimed or tree scrap.

The scraped metal components of automobiles are commonly sold to recyclers for use in making metal recycling products. Steel fabrication may be the only alternative that can be obtained through the automotive companies because steel is such a vital product for manufacturing.

There are also elements that are considered surplus by use, but which are still used. Such examples are water bottles, plastic bags, rubber gloves, car seats, furniture items, plastics, and textiles. The government sets forth laws regarding the exportation of materials that have been consumed domestically.

There are two types of materials that are considered used: those that are still being used and those that are being reclaimed. Each type has a variety of uses. Recycled materials do not necessarily have to be of the same type, but generally the materials are of the same type. Other than that, each type of recycled material may be used for any purpose.

Materials that are used for structural use may be recycled. It is a valuable resource that would be turned into raw material for other uses. The raw materials may be commercial or industrial in nature.

Recycled materials can be broken down for resale or re-use. Those that are utilized as raw material for various purposes may be converted to their virgin form so that they may be reused.

Materials that are reclaimed can be used in the production of other materials. Industrial varieties of recycled materials include composite materials. These can be used to create new products.

Earth friendly materials can be utilized as renewable resources. These can be used to create products that are used to preserve the environment and to supply the needs of people. These may be derived from the waste materials that are found.

There are various forms of eco-friendly materials that are not hazardous. They can be of different types, they may be recycled simply. All of these are available to the consumer.